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The definition of word "keyboard":
+3 rate 1. The Keyboard is the main device that we use for entering data into a PC or giving it an instruction to do something specific. The key arrangements resemble that of a traditional typewriter plus lots more additional keys for specific functions.
+2 rate 2. panel of keys by which a machine is operated (as in a computer, typewriter, etc.); row of keys of a musical instrument (as in a piano, accordion, etc.)
+2 rate 3. n the set of keys on a computer or typewriter that you press in order to make it work, or the row of keys on a musical instrument such as a piano The new model of word processor has a smaller keyboard. The new band features Steve Lodder on electronic keyboards, the great Claude Deppa on trumpet, and newcomer Dave Adams on drums. See pictures: Keys, Keyboard instruments
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