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+2 rate 1. aeroplane
+1 rate 2. flat surface on which any geometrical line that joins two points can lie (Geometry); two-dimensional surface (Art); airplane; rank, level; type of tree; bladed tool used to smooth wood
+1 rate 3. in carpentry, tool made in a wide variety of sizes, used for removing rough surfaces on wood and for reducing it to size. An iron-soled carpenter's plane, found on the site of a Roman town, near Silchester, Hampshire, England, dates from before AD 400. Many European guild craftsmen of the Middle Ages worked with beautifully decorated metal planes. Planes today are mostly machine-made, of wood and steel. Plow or grooving, planes are used for forming channels or grooves; a wide variety of special models are employed for running moldings.
rate 4. anagram nepal
rate 5. smooth wood using a plane; make smooth, remove rough areas
rate 6. flat, planar; level, even
rate 7. S U R F A C E (n) (specialized) - (in geometry (= science of shapes and surfaces) ) a flat or level surface which continues in all directionsan inclined plane (specialized) If different points are in the same plane, a flat surface will pass through all of them.
rate 8. A flat surface.inclined plane.
rate 9. To skim across the surface of the water.
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